Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pottery Barn LOOK-A-LIKE Desk

This desk was a challenge, but the results PAID OFF$$$$

We started with a white French Provincial piece that several people saw promise in. Initially, the plan was to paint the piece a bright Easter color, but as we sanded it down we realized all the layers (& layers, & layers....) of paint.  It just kept peeling off! We knew we didn't want to invest the time it would take to strip it all off, so we took this project in another direction.

We painted the piece with a soft cocoa tinted primer, then covered it with a dark chocolate paint.  We distressed it so to mask the layered paints underneath.  Last, we protected it with a couple coats of polyurethane and finished it up with pretty vintage shelving paper.  

I wish it were still around so you could drop by and take a look at it, but it sold before I could get this post up.  (Red Rock Rose Boutique still has many of my pieces.)
Drab-to-Fab strikes AGAIN!!!!

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