Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Project of the Week!

I went to Red Rock Rose to help them work on a couple pieces last week. 
 They had a dresser that needed some TLC and a  night stand that they couldn't sell.  I noticed that both pieces had the same legs and similar hardware.  I thought these two pieces would work well together as a set.  I took off the hardware, sanded them well, then applied a primer to all.

After a couple coats of primer, I applied an extra dark flat brown paint.
  Realizing that the hardware was old and would be costly to replace, I decided to scuff up the furniture to make it match the hardware.
 A couple light coats of  Polyurethane and - Voila!!
 Brilliant new matching pieces.
 I alway have a great time at Red Rock Rose.  These pieces are on their shop floor - so go by and check them out!

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